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What is 153 Fish?

153 Fish is found in John 21:11, and represents the number of large fish that Peter dragged to shore after the second miraculous catch recorded in the Bible. The reason it is significant to us is the context and conversation that followed. Peter had denied Jesus three times, Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. He rose from the grave and appeared to some of his disciples. Peter returned to his former vocation as a fisherman. Jesus appears on the shore and instructs Peter to place his nets on the other side of the boat. Peter realizes it is Jesus and jumps into the water, dragging the nets to shore. Jesus says, “Do you love me?” and proceeds to give Peter instructions for ministry saying “Feed my lambs, tend to my sheep, feed my sheep.” The 153 Fish catch represents Jesus bringing Peter into full-time ministry with all that he thought he knew but with a renewed understanding of the kingdom of God.

So long story short, 153Fish Co. recognizes that God has a purpose for everyone. In a way, Jesus asks all of us “Do you love me?” Our answer is yes, is committed to finding out what He would have us do next in ministry.