It’s the little things.

Thoughtful Thursday will change your life. The idea of intentionally thinking of others and putting those thoughts into action can cause a ripple effect of kindness that has the power to change lives. This idea stems from a friend who wanted to make a difference. Allison Collins (Delperdang) would say, “The easiest way to stop thinking about yourself is to do something for someone else.” She challenged her peers to participate in “Think outside yourself Thursdays.” We want to help spread the selfless love by encouraging anyone who reads this to start being intentional. When you think of your friends and loved ones, put your thoughts into action. Pick up the phone, check in on each other. Instead of random acts of kindness, do planned acts of kindness. Include others in your acts of kindness and watch the ripple effect spread.

In Philippians 2:3-8, Paul encourages the early church to be like-minded putting others interests ahead of your own. The biggest weapon against pride is selfless love. Imagine a world where intentional acts of kindness spread through families, communities, and nations. People may begin to realize we are more alike than we think.